• Thinking About Cremation?

As more people are choosing cremation, funeral service professionals are striving to give consumers a true sense of what their many options are for a funeral service. Often funeral directors find that people have a preconception that they have fewer choices for a ceremony when selecting cremation for themselves or a loved one. Therefore, they request direct cremation and deny the surviving friends and family an opportunity to honor them with a memorial service. In actuality, cremation is only part of the commemorative experience. In fact, cremation can actually increase your options when planning a funeral. The following information is meant to help you build an understanding of what cremation is, allowing you to make an informed decision when arranging a funeral for yourself or a loved one.

  Cremation with Funeral Service

A cremation with funeral service can be complete with a casket viewing, funeral and a burial. A viewing may take place at our funeral home, a place of worship or other suitable location. At the conclusion of the funeral service, the deceased is placed in our crematory. After the cremation, we can then arrange for a private or public service for the final placement of the remains.

Cremation with Graveside Service

If the disposition of the cremated remains will be in a cemetery, we offer a chapel or graveside service. Often, a ceremony is conducted by clergy or a secular service by an officiant or a family member.

Cremation with Memorial

We offer the option of a Memorial Service that can be hosted at our facility, a place of worship — even a home or restaurant. Cremation typically takes place prior to the service, therefore the remains can be present in a selected urn.

Direct Cremation

Typically a direct cremation does not include a formal service, visitation or funeral. We are able accommodate family members who wish to make an identification or bid brief farewell in our private crematory viewing room.  As with all cremations, our staff takes care of securing all legal documentation.   

We are able to provide families a private viewing area, the opportunity to verify and witness the initial cremation process.